1. Research
This is an excerpt of The Equity View – Fresh Money Ideas, published on April 10, 2018.

The Equity View – Fresh Money Ideas

Our best investment ideas for the next 12 months – In our 4th quarterly Equity View, we highlight 30 Fresh Money Ideas from our Europe Equity Research team, grouped by super-sector. We have 28 Buys, with average upside potential of over 28% to our price targets, and two Sells, with 8% and 32% prospective downside.

For each stock idea, we provide a one-pager distilling our analysts’ views on factors including:
  • market sentiment – and where we disagree
  • company guidance vs. our expectations
  • operating momentum
  • profit growth
  • margin leverage
  • structural advantages
  • new initiatives
  • expansion
  • incremental opportunities
  • cash generation
  • optionality
  • unlocking value
We include two visuals for each name – quick, graphic takeaways of our key investment points. Readers can also link to our most recent company-specific research and additional relevant reports.
The six super-sector categories are Consumer; Financials; Healthcare; Energy, Utilities, Materials & Industrials; Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT); and Business Services, Leisure & Transport
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