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Automotive Outlook 2022 - stronger pricing for longer?

Tim Rokossa

Luke Templeman

In this episode
Tim Rokossa, Global Head of Automotive Research, and Luke Templeman, Thematic Analyst discuss the 2022 outlook for global automotive.

Automotive Outlook 2022 - stronger pricing for longer?
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What we discuss
  • Entering 2021 consensus expectations were for volume recovery post COVID and only hints of a semiconductor shortage.
  • However, 2021 was ultimately shaped by semiconductor shortage and the automaker's realization of the power of pricing – as such some carmakers had very strong margins.
  • In 2022 supply conditions should be improving but still capping growth.
  • Raw material price inflation could be a major headwind this year. We do, however, believe that carmakers will keep a firm grip on pricing even once they can produce more cars again.


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