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Video: Artificial intelligence, big data and the future of democracy

Deutsche Bank Research Management
Stefan Schneider
Deutsche Bank Research presents video on urgent digital policy issues.

How to make the best of the digital transformation? In a new video Kevin Koerner explains that while it has enriched societal discourse through new forms of communication, it has also led to an increase of “misinformation, echo chambers and targeted propaganda” and has provided authoritarian states around the world with new means of surveillance and control. Watch our video with Kevin as he focuses on some heatedly debated aspects of AI and big data in our daily lives.

The video is based on a recent Deutsche Bank Research study: “In this research piece, we investigate how democracies tackle both the opportunities and threats posed by digital transformation”, says Kevin. Hence while internet users across the globe happily enjoy 'free' services in the data economy, he raises concerns about the underlying business models and critically assesses the concentration of influence and wealth. He also asks pressing questions regarding privacy, data ownership and targeted manipulation for both economic and political purposes.

Click here to read the full note and learn who, according to Kevin, sits in the driving seat as AI technology and big data offer ever more opportunities and threats to our democratic societies.

Original in German published on October 21, 2019: ˮKünstliche Intelligenz, Big Data und die Zukunft der Demokratieˮ