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Curious side effect to pandemic?

Olga Cotaga

Luke Templeman

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Many corporates have penciled in a strong rebound in earnings this year backed by forecasts of robust pent-up demand. Yet, so far there is little evidence of the spending surge that so many expect. Corporates are not wrong to anticipate hefty spending; all the right ingredients are there. Savings jumped due to government stimulus and a lack of spending options. So what’s happening then?

Curious side effect to pandemic?
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What we discuss
A recent survey carried out by our dbDIG team of US and key European countries showing that:
  • People foresee higher household income.
  • Investors are becoming concerned about the spread of the Delta variant.
  • Even though people are ready to resume purchases, they are not ready to spend large amounts of money on them.
  • Deteriorating expectations about job security.
  • Many people see their recent savings as windfall gains instead of income and, psychologically, this makes them harder to spend.