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2059 (31-40)
18. Januar 2024
Zum Jahresstart befindet sich die deutsche Wirtschaft vermutlich in einer technischen Rezession. Angesichts der widrigen wirtschaftlichen Rahmenbedingung dürfte sich auch im Jahresverlauf nur wenig Dynamik entfalten. Lediglich der private Verbrauch bietet dank des kräftigen Lohnwachstums in Verbindung mit sinkenden Inflationsraten Hoffnungsschimmer. [mehr]
16. Januar 2024
Bitcoin surged to a 21-month high last week, surpassing $47,000, a level not seen since April 2022. At the same time, the SEC made a landmark ruling in favour of the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETFs. Last Wednesday, the regulator approved 11 such applications by major financial institutions, including BlackRock and Fidelity Investments. Trading has already begun, with the first ETFs listed last Thursday. [mehr]
12. Januar 2024
Indonesia has made impressive progress over the past few quarters in correcting the cyclical imbalances from the boom-bust pattern of the pandemic years. Both headline and core inflation have normalized; fiscal performance has surpassed expectations; and the trade surplus - while narrowing - has remained well supported by high commodity prices and mineral down-streaming efforts. The rupiah was one of the best-performing currencies in the region in 2023. [mehr]
10. Januar 2024
In our latest Q&A with we speak with Brett Ryan, Senior US Economist. He provides valuable insights into the anticipated actions of the Fed regarding the policy rate at the upcoming March FOMC meeting, discusses the outlook for the US economy, and examines potential market impacts resulting from the US elections. [mehr]
9. Januar 2024
With exactly five months to go until the European Parliament elections on June 6-9 we are hereby launching our EU Election Monitor. This first edition is a primer answering key questions like:
Why do EP elections and the composition of the next EU Commission matter for the EU economy?
What do current polls tell us about the likelihood of a second VdL Commission?
What could be the main policy priorities of the next Commission?
Which legislative proposals might still be finalised in the current legislative term?
What a right-wing shift in the European Parliament would mean for EU policy making?
What is the impact of EP elections on the timing of potential Excessive Deficit Procedures under the EU fiscal rules? [mehr]