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2055 (21-30)
23. Januar 2024
Germany lags behind in digitalization. E-Government is a case in point. Historically, public projects are often based on complex coordination across many various entities. We think, switching from this traditional approach to a clear central governance is essential to implement a public cloud, to digitalize registers and offer digital services for citizens and businesses. Interestingly, Bavaria outperforms and seems to have a more central approach than other Länder. [mehr]
23. Januar 2024
In the latest Podzept episode from Deutsche Bank Research, Matthew Barnard sat down with Matthew Luzzetti (Chief US Economist) and Matthew Raskin (Head of US Rates Research) to discuss key topics surrounding the path forward for the Fed, including the magnitude and timing of interest rate cuts. Also discussed is the outlook for the Fed’s balance sheet and QT. [mehr]
18. Januar 2024
Zum Jahresstart befindet sich die deutsche Wirtschaft vermutlich in einer technischen Rezession. Angesichts der widrigen wirtschaftlichen Rahmenbedingung dürfte sich auch im Jahresverlauf nur wenig Dynamik entfalten. Lediglich der private Verbrauch bietet dank des kräftigen Lohnwachstums in Verbindung mit sinkenden Inflationsraten Hoffnungsschimmer. [mehr]