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2015 (61-70)
7. September 2023
Anna Friedemann works in our #dbresearch team covering Central Eastern Europe Middle East & Africa (CEEMEA). Anna has a particular focus on local markets and FX with a current focus on Ukraine, Egypt and Romania.
In a new ‘Q&A with’, she explains what working as a CEEMEA strategist entails, which topics she thinks could be driving markets into year-end and which markets have come into focus. [mehr]
6. September 2023
Eric Heymann erklärt in dieser neuen Podzept-Ausgabe, dass das Auto weiterhin das mit großem Abstand wichtigste Verkehrsmittel in Deutschland ist. Wie sehr müssen deutsche Autobauer die Konkurrenz aus China fürchten oder belebt sie gar das Geschäft? Und welche Rolle spielt das Deutschland-Ticket der Bahn bei der Wahl des bevorzugten Verkehrsmittels? [mehr]
1. September 2023
Back to school with a new edition of the "Germany: Economic Chartbook".
Given the deterioration of sentiment as well as other high-frequency data, and the current and looming global headwinds, we have lowered our 2023 and 2024 GDP forecasts. While inflation is moving in the right direction, leading labor market indicators point to first cracks, even though skilled workers are still in high demand. However, private consumption is weak, and the latest consumer sentiment surveys do not suggest an imminent upswing. We take a closer look at the development of wages and household finances. Higher interest rates and a low propensity to invest have slowed lending to companies. Finally, we also look at the fiscal budget, a German green trade surplus and the office market. With a more long-term perspective, we illustrate Germany's structural challenges. [mehr]
1. August 2023
Germany is a car-loving country. With a density of 578 cars per 1,000 inhabitants, more than one in two people in Germany owns a car (including children and the very elderly). The number of cars has risen steadily in recent years and shows that - despite the climate debate, congested inner cities and the supposedly car-critical Generation Z - there seems to be no car fatigue in Germany. [mehr]
28. Juli 2023
Deutschland ist ein Land der Autofahrer. Mit einer Pkw-Dichte von 578 Autos pro 1.000 Einwohner besitzt in Deutschland mehr als jeder Zweite ein Auto (Kinder und Hochbetagte eingerechnet). Der Pkw-Bestand ist in den letzten Jahren stetig gestiegen und zeigt, dass – trotz Klimadebatte, verstopfter Innenstädte und der vermeintlich autokritischen Generation Z – von Automüdigkeit in Deutschland nicht die Rede sein kann. [mehr]