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1918 (91-100)
20. Dezember 2022
For more than a decade, European banks have sought to catch up and narrow the gap to their US peers. For many years, they were not particularly successful, due to a number of reasons: economic growth in the US outpaced that in Europe, interest rates were consistently higher (and never negative) on the other side of the Atlantic, and restructuring and capital raising needs were greater in Europe which constrained the banks’ ability to expand their business. In the past few years, however, European banks’ performance has indeed improved and they have not just made substantial progress, but also seem well positioned to finally reduce the distance to their US competitors. [mehr]
19. Dezember 2022
We look at the expected recession in the winter half-year 2022/23 and the onset of recovery, how inflation will peak, while the labor market loses momentum and private consumption is hit by the loss of purchasing power. Construction and Capex spending are set to deteriorate. Fiscal policy continues to lean against the headwinds but should normalize somewhat. Loan growth, both with corporates and private households, may slow substantially. In a medium-term perspective, we discuss risks for the manufacturing industry and Germany’s geopolitical and competitive position. [mehr]
9. Dezember 2022
Das Einlagenwachstum der Privathaushalte ist bis Ende September deutlich auf nur noch 1,9% ggü. Vorjahr zurückgegangen, infolge gestiegener Lebenshaltungskosten und stark negativer Realzinsen. Andere Finanzanlagen verzeichneten hingegen im ersten Halbjahr vergleichbar hohe Zuflüsse wie in den zwei Rekordjahren zuvor. Im kommenden Jahr ist ein ähnliches Anlageverhalten zu erwarten. Die Baukredite legten mit netto EUR 53,9 Mrd. in den ersten neun Monaten nochmals kräftig zu, aber 2023 dürften die Neukredite sinken und der Bestand deutlich langsamer wachsen. [mehr]
8. Dezember 2022
Keine Industriebranche in Deutschland ist derart stark von der Gasknappheit und den gestiegenen Gaspreisen betroffen wie die Chemieindustrie. Das Produktionsniveau der Branche lag im Oktober 2022 um 22,5% unter dem Wert des 4. Quartals 2021. Auch in der mittleren Frist haben sich die Perspektiven der Chemieindustrie am Standort Deutschland verschlechtert. [mehr]
7. Dezember 2022
People often ask me how we choose our themes of the year ahead. It is not a hard science, but there is a framework we use. It starts by asking the following question: “What policies and developments in the economic, business, and political world are unsustainable, and what will it take for them to become sustainable?”. [mehr]