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14. Juni 2021
For the Greens, the goal of leading the next government seems to have become harder to reach over the last couple of weeks as polls suggest a certain disenchantment of the electorate with the party and its frontrunner. We do not expect the just approved election manifesto (more left than centre) to provide them with enough momentum to switch back into offensive mode in the election campaign. Still, the Greens can still regain momentum over the next few months, for example due to a hot summer, the resurgence of climate protests and a public perception that change is a precondition to modernization. [mehr]
10. Juni 2021
Q2 GDP should be o.k., despite April’s little stumble. Strong external demand and depleted finished goods inventories suggest a strong bounce back once current supply constraints ease. Consumers’ economic outlook and income expectations are improving. Together with an expected normalization of the savings rate that should provide a strong underpinning for consumption growth. We stick to our Q2 GDP forecast of close to 2% qoq and 4% for the whole year. The rate of inflation has been rising sharply since the start of 2021. With price dynamics continuing to outstrip expectations and given the prospect of stronger economic recovery in the summer, we now expect the annual average CPI inflation rate to rise to 2.8% in 2021, monthly numbers could even touch 4%. [mehr]
7. Juni 2021
Der Klimawandel zählt zu den wichtigsten globalen Herausforderungen dieses Jahrhunderts. Es ist im Kern ein Energieproblem, bei dem es darum geht, leistungsfähige, möglichst kostengünstige und CO2-arme Energieträger zu entwickeln, die politisch akzeptiert sind und klimaverträgliches Wachstum ermöglichen. Die Transformation wird erhebliche Einschnitte in Wahlfreiheiten erfordern. Die Politik muss gesellschaftliche Spannungen adressieren. [mehr]
7. Juni 2021
This paper examines the potential for higher inflation and a return of boom/bust cycles over the next few years.
The report notes the very role of government in the economy is undergoing its biggest shift in 40 years manifested in the receding fear of inflation and rising levels of government debt that shaped a generation of policymakers. Replacing it is the perspective that economic policy should now prioritise broader social goals.
At its heart the research report debates whether inflation is transitory or the pursuit of these important social priorities by governments will mean inflation will have longer-term and far reaching implications for the health of the global economy. Either way, higher inflation is coming and policymakers are about to face their toughest battle in 40 years. [mehr]
4. Juni 2021
The third COVID-19 wave in Germany is ebbing. The number of ICU patients – one of the key parameters of the pandemic – peaked at the end of April, at above 5,100 cases. At the end of May the number was below 2,500. If the trend continues due to vaccinations and warm weather, the number of ICU patients will fall below 1,000 in mid-June. [mehr]
2. Juni 2021
Next Sunday’s regional election in the small eastern German state Saxony-Anhalt is the last electoral test in the run-up to the federal election in September. Polls suggest that the CDU will remain the strongest political force, despite being challenged by the right-wing AfD. Even a narrow win would be a positive for the CDU’s federal campaign. Whereas an AfD victory would be a (non-lethal) blow for Laschet’s election campaign. The federal election campaign is just heating up. The electorate seems a little disenchanted with Greens and their chancellor candidate, allowing the Conservatives to regain the lead in the neck-and-neck race in the polls. Still, the two parties are polling too close to speak of a turning point (yet). [mehr]
2. Juni 2021
Bis zum Ende der Dekade dürfte die Zahl der Bürobeschäftigten auf deutlich über 8 Mio. steigen und die Nachfrage nach Büroflächen wird wesentlich von der Entwicklung des Homeoffice geprägt sein. Zweifellos hat Homeoffice das Potenzial, die Nachfrage nach Büroflächen kräftig zu reduzieren und die Unsicherheit bleibt ungewöhnlich hoch. Doch unsere Projektionen zeigen, dass auch bei einer kräftigen Ausweitung des Homeoffice die Nachfrage nach Büroflächen hoch bleiben könnte. Wir gehen weiterhin davon aus, dass das traditionelle Büro der Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Wirtschaftslebens bleibt. [mehr]
1. Juni 2021
Unsere Prognosen für die Weltwirtschaft sind im Vergleich zur vorhergehenden Ausgabe des Weltwirtschaftlichen Ausblicks vom März weitgehend unverändert. Wenn die Lockdowns in den USA und Europa beendet werden, ist in den kommenden Monaten mit kräftigem Wachstum zu rechnen. Gleichzeitig dürften sich die Zentralbanken vorerst noch zurückhalten, bis sich die weitere Entwicklung klarer abzeichnet. [mehr]
28. Mai 2021
The recovery was quick and resounding. The banking sector in Europe has shaken off the impact of the pandemic and in many ways it looks like nothing happened in the past two years at all. In Q1 2021, profitability, costs, efficiency levels, several capital and liquidity indicators were all similar to Q1 2019. Nevertheless, the crisis has left its imprint: balance sheets are far larger, revenues and loan loss provisions are substantially higher, as is the CET1 ratio. Hence, there is still room for further normalisation. [mehr]
25. Mai 2021
Investoren mussten sich innerhalb weniger Wochen zu Hobby-Epidemiologen umbilden, erklärt Robin Winkler im neuen Podzept. Doch inzwischen seien die meisten Marktbeobachter überzeugt, dass die kritische Phase der Pandemie zumindest in den G10-Volkswirtschaften überstanden sei. Somit rückten zuletzt wieder klassische volkswirtschaftliche Themen in den Blick. [mehr]