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1248 (91-100)
16. August 2019
Two decades ago, newspaper editors were told the internet age meant they had to give away content for free, create click-bait, and support it all with any advertising they could find. It hasn’t turned out that way. Fears of fake news, the shift to quality, and the lack of patience for distraction has led to growing numbers of subscribers at some of the world’s best-known mastheads. Yet, the shift is not complete. Communications and 5G technology are likely to have five impacts on the news media: the return of regional reporting with new funding models, less focus on speed, a reduction in the number of news sources people read, the acceptance of automation, and the return of television news, in a curated format. [mehr]
13. August 2019
Die globale Einführung von 5G hat gerade erst begonnen. Hinter dem Hype verbergen sich jedoch Unsicherheit und potenzielle unerwünschte Konsequenzen. Diese Ausgabe von Konzept will diverse offene Fragen beantworten. Zunächst erklären wir, welche spürbaren Auswirkungen 5G für Sie haben wird. Dabei geht es um die Bedeutung des Smartphones, die Zukunft des Fernsehens, präventive Wartung von Fahrzeugen, selbstfahrende Autos, Smart Citys und mehr. Wir betrachten außerdem geopolitische Streitigkeiten, befassen uns mit der Wirtschaft in Schwellenländern und vertreten die Ansicht, dass die Kosten von Ablenkung höher sind als erwartet. [mehr]
22. Juli 2019
Facebook’s Libra project aims to establish both a private digital currency backed by a basket of hard currencies and a global payment network. It is thus challenging many established players in the financial system, including central banks, credit institutions and payment providers. Facebook can integrate Libra services into its digital platforms and benefit from strong network effects. In Europe, Libra would enter a competitive but fragmented digital payments market. As a currency, Libra will carry a foreign exchange risk for Europeans. But if the ECB drove interest rates deeply below zero, Libra could offer an easy digital way out. The flipside, though, would be a loss of sovereignty for Europe. [mehr]
22. Juli 2019
The antennae and boxes, about the size of a handbag, have become more visible in New York over the last few years. They sit atop street lights, buildings, and other convenient locations. They are part of the ShotSpotter system and they listen for gunshots. When a shot is fired, the sensors can triangulate its location to within 25 metres. It then immediately sends an audio file to a support team. A review takes place using both machine learning and human input to determine if the sound was a real gunshot or something else that sounds similar, such as a firework. If determined to be real, the police are notified. They can then arrive at the location already knowing how many shots were fired and whether the shooter is moving. Luke Templeman, Analyst on the Thematic Research team, explores what it would be like living in a ‘Smart City’. [mehr]
18. Juli 2019
Bargeld bietet im Zahlungsverkehr einen hohen Grad an Privatsphäre und trägt so dazu bei, den Anstieg der Informationsasymmetrie zwischen Verbrauchern und Unternehmen sowie zwischen Bürgern und staatlichen Institutionen zu verlangsamen. Da Wissen über die Gegenseite Macht ist, spielt die Privatsphäre für den Einzelnen eine entscheidende Rolle, wenn es um den Schutz der eigenen Position geht im Umgang mit Organisationen, die mächtiger sind als das Individuum. [mehr]
10. Juli 2019
If we are to believe the prognostications about its future impact, 5G certainly occupies a crucial geopolitical dimension. The ability to control the Internet of Things via vastly reduced latency and higher speed is a serious weapon in the hands of an adversary. Peter Garber, Global Strategist, outlines three possible main objectives of the Trump administration. [mehr]
10. Juli 2019
The global 5G rollout has just begun, but behind the hype lies uncertainty and the potential for unintended consequences. This edition of Konzept seeks to answer many unresolved questions. First and foremost, we explain the tangible ways in which 5G will affect you, including the smartphone impact, the future of television, predictive maintenance, autonomous cars, smart cities and more. We also examine the geo-political disagreements, emerging market economics, and argue that the financial cost of distraction is greater than expected. [mehr]