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1842 (71-80)
26. August 2022
In an unusual constellation, the banking industry is at the same time suffering and benefiting from the current difficult macroeconomic situation. Inflation is driving up expenses, but also triggering a monetary policy normalisation which has fuelled a jump in net interest income. Meanwhile, recession fears require higher loan loss provisions. The net effect has been manageable so far, but is hard to foresee in the second half of the year. The largest capital distributions to shareholders since the financial crisis have pushed the CET1 and leverage ratios lower, though they remain at robust levels. Balance sheet growth has accelerated due to buoyant corporate and mortgage lending, but this may not last given the looming economic slowdown and further interest rate increases. [mehr]
18. August 2022
July saw a notable rebound in equity and bond markets – albeit perhaps counterintuitively, given how initially worse economic data had sparked expectations of a dovish Fed pivot. But then investors had to adjust expectations again, after July employment numbers suggested that the Fed may stay on course. According to Blaz Zlicar, markets will continue to be in a state of flux: inflation vs growth. He says “That is the name of the game these days”. Watch this video for more. [mehr]
2. August 2022
Der Corona-bedingte Rückgang der Zuwanderung nach Deutschland im ersten Halbjahr 2021 wurde insbesondere durch Fluchtbewegungen in der zweiten Jahreshälfte ausgeglichen. Dabei gründet sich der Zuzug von außerhalb Europas nicht nur auf Krieg und Vertreibung. Die Zuwanderung wird internationaler, die EU-Binnenwanderung ist dagegen tendenziell rückläufig. Die Einwohnerzahl Deutschlands dürfte sich unserer Prognose nach auf 85,4 Mio. im Jahr 2023 erhöhen, auch in der Folgezeit weiter zulegen und könnte im Jahr 2030 rund 86 Mio. erreichen. Dies hat bedeutende ökonomische Folgen. [mehr]
28. Juli 2022
In a new ‘Q&A with’ Mallika Sachdeva, Asia Macro Strategist, introduces a newly launched Deutsche Bank’s Asia Corporate Newsletter, what market environments corporates are likely to face in the coming quarter and what the longer-term themes most pressing for corporates are. [mehr]