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2054 (51-60)
8. Dezember 2023
The external environment as well as monetary and fiscal policy should provide strong headwinds. Sentiment will likely be dragged lower by the increasingly evident structural problems. We anticipate a modest recession during the winter half to be followed by a gradual recovery from spring onwards. We expect the government to survive the internal quarrels with respect to the 2024 budget, following the constitutional court ruling. Debt brake reform is unlikely in the short run. A cross-party consensus for a Transformation Fund 2.0 might emerge before September regional elections. [mehr]
5. Dezember 2023
It has been a brutal two years for dealmaking. Following the M&A boom of 2021, the value and volume of deals remains well below historical averages in the US and Europe. Yet, we see 2024 as a year of recovery for M&A activity, and there are three key themes we believe will catalyse it: 1. Eager buyers and valuation dislocations, 2. The need for large firms to supplement declining organic profit growth, 3. Greater certainty in the financing backdrop. [mehr]
1. Dezember 2023
The AI boom has had important implications for the semiconductor market. In particular the logic chips are in high demand. In 2023 surging demand was constrained by shrinking supply. This resulted in a substantial fall in units sold whereas prices surged. Here we analyze the underlying economic and technological drivers and forecast the development of global sales of the semiconductor market until the end of 2025. [mehr]
28. November 2023
In our World Outlook for 2024, we outline how we’ve had a fairly consistent macro narrative over the past 2 3 years and we continue to see this as a classic policy led boom bust cycle that will culminate in a US recession. Ultimately, the impact of rapid rate hikes are yet to take effect in full, and QT is still continuing in the background. That will make early 2024 a challenging environment, and we expect a mild US recession in H1 2024. Meanwhile in the Euro Area, we think that a mild recession has already begun that will stretch into the start of 2024. [mehr]
27. November 2023
With just under a year until the US elections, Pam Finelli, COO of Research and Head of Fixed Income Research, Brett Ryan, Senior US Economist and Mike Moran, Head of US Political Affairs discuss the unfolding narrative and navigate the anticipated policy implications, shed light on key issues at stake, and unravel the historical market reactions that investors should brace for. [mehr]
24. November 2023
Der potenzielle Einsatz von synthetischen Kraftstoffen (E-Fuels) im Verkehrssektor wird seit einigen Jahren kontrovers diskutiert. Befürworter und Gegner von E-Fuels haben jeweils Argumente auf ihrer Seite. Aus unserer Sicht spricht eine Abwägung dieser Argumente dafür, dass Regulierung a priori Technologieoffenheit zulassen sollte, damit der Hayek’sche „Wettbewerb als Entdeckungsverfahren“ überhaupt erst möglich ist. E-Fuels können eine potenzielle Lösung für manche Anwendungen im Pkw-Verkehr sein, die von batterieelektrischen Autos (BEV) nicht (gut) abgedeckt werden. Sie könnten zur Minderung der CO2-Emissionen von Neu- und Bestandsfahrzeugen beitragen. Die größten Herausforderungen für den Einsatz von E-Fuels liegen in der absoluten Verfügbarkeit, den heute noch hohen Kosten und dem geringen Wirkungsgrad. [mehr]