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1820 (71-80)
6. Juli 2022
From 2035, only climate-neutral passenger cars will be allowed to be registered in the EU. In principle, the course is being set in the direction of battery-electric mobility. However, the option of using e-fuels is not completely off the table. The market shares of electric cars in total new registrations currently vary widely within the EU. Southern and Eastern European countries are lagging behind. To increase the acceptance of e-mobility, the expansion of the charging infrastructure must be widely accelerated. This is a major challenge that also requires the support of the state. The trend towards electric mobility has already triggered a noticeable structural change in Germany as an automotive location. The net impact of this structural change on value creation and employment in Germany is likely to be negative. [mehr]
1. Juli 2022
Ab 2035 sollen in der EU nur noch klimaneutrale Pkw zugelassen werden dürfen. Grundsätzlich werden alle Weichen Richtung batterieelektrische Mobilität gestellt. Allerdings ist die Option, sogenannte E-Fuels einzusetzen, nicht gänzlich vom Tisch. Die Marktanteile von Elektroautos an den gesamten Neuzulassungen fallen innerhalb der EU aktuell sehr unterschiedlich aus. Süd- und osteuropäische Länder sind hier die Nachzügler. Um Akzeptanz der E-Mobilität zu erhöhen, muss der Ausbau der Ladeinfrastruktur massiv beschleunigt werden. Dies ist eine große Herausforderung, bei der auch der Staat gefragt ist. Der Trend in Richtung Elektromobilität hat am Automobilstandort Deutschland bereits einen spürbaren Strukturwandel ausgelöst. Die Netto-Bilanz dieses Strukturwandels für die Wertschöpfung und Beschäftigung in Deutschland wird negativ ausfallen. [mehr]
22. Juni 2022
After two years in the virtual world Deutsche Bank Research returned to Paris to host another highly successful Global Consumer Conference. Around 700 people and including 90 companies, attended over the three days of the conference. Company and investor engagement was extremely high with more than 7,000 meeting requests. Tom Sykes, Head of European Consumer Staples and Stephen Powers, Head of US Consumer Staples, co-hosts of the event, said: “Feedback has been very positive from the companies and investment communities and we look forward to seeing everybody again in Paris in 2023 for our celebratory 20th year!” [mehr]
20. Juni 2022
With a tumultuous first half of 2022 almost over, we are making a contrarian call for the second half. Specifically, we believe that although M&A will slow compared with last year, it will be more resilient than the drop so far in 2022 would suggest. To support this, we have identified several post-covid themes that are motivating corporates and private capital to make acquisitions. [mehr]