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QA with Emmanuel Papadakis

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488 (97-108)
17. April 2023
In a new ‘Q&A with’ Rohini Grover, FX strategist, talks about systematically trading in currency markets. She also gives an overview of other products offered in the FX quant space and shares her insights on delivering more robust products to clients. [mehr]
11. April 2023
Artificial intelligence is beginning to permeate our lives, but the technology and opportunities likely remain a mystery to many. In this podcast, Dr Marion Laboure, Adrian Cox and Cassidy Ainsworth-Grace look at today’s artificial intelligence landscape, its rapid growth and the new capabilities of ChatGPT and its competitors. [mehr]
27. März 2023
In a new report Rohini Grover, FX and Blaz Zlicar, QIS revisit intraday seasonality in currency markets, combining fundamental with quantitative analysis, and providing fresh insights into origins and statistical robustness of this market anomaly. Their results have implications for both intraday execution and development of standalone alpha strategies. Stay tuned for further insights on the topic, in the meantime watch this video. [mehr]
21. März 2023
What happens when geo-political tensions create a sense of insecurity in corporate CEOs? One result is that some are reshoring. This applies to both manufacturing and services – both supply chains and operations. In this podcast, Luke Templeman and Olga Cotaga discuss how to identify the reshoring theme and how it has accelerated dramatically over the last couple years. In addition, they consider some of the countries that are best placed to capitalise on the trend and how investors can think about the effects on asset allocation. [mehr]
21. März 2023
Artificial Intelligence arguably came to life for the general population with the release of the accessible chatbot ChatGPT three months ago, but the technology and opportunities likely remain a mystery to many. Following March 14, 2023 release of GPT-4, an update to the technology underlying ChatGPT, we publish a new Chartbook on Artificial Intelligence and address the five Ws: Why, What, Who, When, and Where. [mehr]
17. März 2023
Momentan schrumpfen die weltweiten Umsätze für Halbleiter. Das Momentum war im Dezember 2022 immer noch negativ, die weltweiten Verkäufe fielen um 4,4% pro Monat, der stärkste Rückgang im aktuellen Abwärtszyklus seit Juni 2022.

Die Schlüsselfrage dieses Aktuellen Kommentars ist es, wann die Rezession enden wird. Mehrere Entwicklungen deuten auf einen anhaltenden Abwärtszyklus hin – zumindest für die nächsten Quartale. Da der Absatz von Halbleitern stark mit dem Welthandel korreliert, gehen wir davon aus, dass die Nachfrage wieder anziehen wird, sobald sich die Aussichten für die Weltwirtschaft allmählich verbessern. [mehr]