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Intergenerational Conflict: The Next Dividing Line

18. September 2020
The widening generational divide should be a key source of alarm for investors, financial markets and society as a whole. Young people perceive themselves as the losers on issues ranging from housing to climate change to student debt. In turn, this anger is manifesting itself into political outcomes, with elections around the world increasingly fought along generational lines. [mehr]

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69 (13-24)
26. Juni 2020
Machine learning, with all of their processing power, they’re able to more quickly highlight or find patterns in big data that would have otherwise been missed by human beings. Machine learning is a tool that can be used to enhance humans’ abilities to solve problems and make informed inferences on a wide range of problems, much wider than financial services for example helping diagnose diseases to coming up with solutions for global climate change. [mehr]
17. Juni 2020
Unser persönliches, geschäftliches, gesellschaftliches und wirtschaftliches Leben beginnt sich zu verändern. Diese Ausgabe von Konzept untersucht 20 Lebensbereiche, die nach Covid-19 nicht mehr so sein werden wie zuvor. Viele schwierige Fragen sind zu beantworten - von der Arbeit im Homeoffice über die dramatischen Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft bis hin zur Finanzierung der gigantischen Konjunkturmaßnahmen. Das globale Gesundheits- und Wirtschaftsumfeld ist nach wie vor hochgradig unsicher. Angesichts dessen ist die Art und Weise, wie wir die Probleme verstehen ebenso wichtig wie die Art und Weise, wie wir sie angehen. [mehr]
4. Juni 2020
While history shows us that it can take over two years for an aviation demand shock to return to normal, many people now forecast a permanent drop in travel, particularly for business. We argue business and personal travel will remain, however, the way people book will change the transport industry. [mehr]
6. April 2020
We’ve witnessed an immense human tragedy as the covid-19 virus has spread around the globe. Amidst the awful numbers of people who have succumbed to the disease, we’re also now witnessing an incredibly painful economic downturn. In a new podcast episode where we look at the data, ten million Americans have made jobless claims over the last two weeks. We’re now seeing equally staggering figures come out of many other countries as economies are simply shut down. [mehr]