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Zeitenwende für die Autoindustrie

16. September 2019
Die Automobilindustrie steht vor großen Herausforderungen. Global schrumpft derzeit die Pkw-Nachfrage. Hinzu kommen die technologischen Mega-Trends, nämlich vernetztes Fahren sowie die Entwicklung alternativer Antriebstechnologien. Großen Einfluss auf die Mobilität der Zukunft wird staatliche Regulierung haben, denn die ehrgeizigen Klimaschutzziele passen nicht zum heutigen Mobilitätsverhalten der Menschen. [mehr]

Weitere Dokumente zum Thema "Digital"

50 (49-50)
24. Mai 2016
The tremendous growth momentum in high-frequency trading seems to have reached its limits in recent years. The increasing cost of infrastructure and relentless competition within the industry are probably the first to blame. In addition, high-frequency trading firms are hardly participating in those dark pools where large block transactions are executed. Both trends are challenging their business model and trading strategies as high-frequency traders have seen their revenues and profits erode. Furthermore, forthcoming tighter prudential regulatory oversight may lead to an overhang of capacity in the high-frequency trading industry. [mehr]
11. November 2015
The single market is and remains the centrepiece of Europe’s economic architecture – but current single market arrangements are struggling to keep pace with the digital economy. With digitisation advancing, adapting single market rules becomes increasingly important to ensure its functioning and digital technologies could help unlock some of the remaining single market benefits. The European Commission has made the digital single market (DSM) a key priority, put forward a dedicated strategy in May 2015 and recently announced further steps to strengthen the internal market. Big expectations have been attached to the DSM – yet the gains associated with it are unlikely to materialise automatically. Will Europe’s digital strategy succeed? [mehr]