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Blockchain and Corporates – Transparency is the New Marketing

15. Oktober 2020
Like the Internet in the 1990s, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain are set to transform the economy. Yet, two-thirds of senior executives still don’t know what DLT is, and those who do tend to ignore its uses outside of some simple financial applications. [mehr]

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289 (13-24)
20. Dezember 2021
The plot for emerging markets thickens further in 2022. Not just the one with Fed ‘dots’, but also the plot around the vaccination roll outs, the zero Covid strategy in China, the normalization of supply chains, and on (geo)politics, among others. There are likely still multiple twists ahead in this tale, and possibly new factors (like Omicron) to deal with. And with all of that, the answer to whether EM can turn around its structural under-allocation from the last several years as it builds back on its appeal of carry/vol and growth. [mehr]
17. Dezember 2021
Matthew Barnard, Head of Company Research, US speaks with Peter Hooper, Global Head of Economic Research and Matthew Luzzetti, Chief Economist discussing economic predictions over the next two years. They base their ominous predictions on several factors: Inflation is pushing 6% or more in Europe and the US while central banks continue quantitative easing. A new and more infectious strain of Covid is spreading rapidly as vaccination rates lag. Supply chains remain clogged with delivery times and transport costs near all time highs. Potential populist-driven political turmoil, climactic tempests, and geopolitical storms loom. [mehr]
13. Dezember 2021
Diese Woche ist vollgepackt mit sehr wichtigen Datenpunkten und Entscheidungen. Insbesondere die Zentralbankmeetings der großen Zentralbanken stehen im Fokus. Von der Fed am Mittwoch wird erwartet, dass sie die Rückführung ihrer Wertpapierkäufe beschleunigt. Auch die EZB dürfte restriktiver werden. Die Bank of England wird womöglich mit ihrer ersten Zinsanhebung in der Pandemie Schlagzeilen machen. Daneben wird die weitere Ausbreitung der Omikron-Variante im Fokus bleiben. [mehr]
6. Dezember 2021
Inflation is not transitory, in our view. While its destination might be clear, detours and delays are possible -- as highlighted by last week's Omicron sell-off. Nevertheless, at c.8x earnings, the sector is not priced for imminent interest rate hikes, pointing to upside in case of delivery of interest rate hikes -- the key theme for the sector in 2022. [mehr]
22. November 2021
Seit der September-Ausgabe unseres Weltwirtschaftlichen Ausblicks hat sich herausgestellt, dass der Inflationsdruck deutlich stärker und dauerhafter ausfällt als von Zentralbanken und Anlegern erwartet. Weitreichende Lieferprobleme fallen mit einem unerwarteten Energiepreisschock zusammen. In einigen Sektoren kommt noch struktureller Lohndruck hinzu. Daran dürfte sich in nächster Zeit nichts ändern und im kommenden Jahr könnten noch weitere Faktoren eine Rolle spielen. [mehr]
16. November 2021
Governments from around the world will parade their climate credentials at the COP26 summit ... but when the dust has settled, much of the pressure to implement their plans will be delegated to corporates. Post-COP, firms will be pushed via policy or social pressure to spend more to mitigate climate change. The cost may be high but proactive firms are already being rewarded by customers and investors. Those that delay may face penalties. [mehr]
11. November 2021
The short-term growth outlook has weakened amidst supply-chain issues and an energy shock that has boosted inflation. But there is still major fiscal support, whilst vaccines and other medicines will help against Covid.

If inflation proves even higher than anticipated, that could lead to tighter monetary policy that knocks growth off course. [mehr]