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De-mystifying the HK / China Index Landscape

8. Mai 2019
China's USD 12-trillion stock market is a vast and complicated panoply of different share types across a wide variety of markets, exchanges and share classes. With the rising role of A-shares amongst international emerging markets (EM) indices, understanding the market dynamics of China's equity markets will be increasingly critical, as Chinese equities are set to become an increasing proportion of the global opportunity set, driven by their increasing role in EM equities. Deutsche Bank’s research team looks at the distinguishing features of China's onshore and offshore markets. [mehr]

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206 (11-22)
20. Mai 2020
Wir sind in Bezug auf die Weltwirtschaft zunehmend pessimistischer geworden, obwohl sich die Märkte aufgrund der langsameren Ausbreitung von COVID-19 und der sinkenden Zahl von Todesfällen sowie der umfangreichen und außergewöhnlichen fiskal- und geldpolitischen Maßnahmen rund um die Welt deutlich erholt haben. In unserem Basisszenario prognostizieren wir für die wichtigen Industrieländer nun für 2020 ein sehr viel schwächeres Wachstum. Die Krise wird die Staatshaushalte auf lange Sicht in Mitleidenschaft ziehen; insgesamt ist mit ähnlich hohen Defiziten zu rechnen wie in Kriegszeiten. [mehr]
14. Mai 2020
Corona-Krise und Klimawandel unterscheiden sich hinsichtlich der individuell gefühlten Betroffenheit und der Bereitschaft der Menschen, zur Lösung des Problems auf Gewohntes zu verzichten. Gemeinsam haben beide Herausforderungen, dass bessere technologische Lösungen notwendig sind, um hohe volkswirtschaftliche Kosten zu vermeiden. Bei der Corona-Krise zählen wirksame Medikamente und Impfstoffe gegen das Virus zu diesen Technologien. Beim Klimaschutz benötigen wir leistungsfähige, möglichst CO₂-arme, regelbare und kostengünstige Energieträger, die klimaverträgliches Wachstum ermöglichen. Daran sollten die klügsten Köpfe der Welt in den kommenden Jahren forschen. [mehr]
14. Mai 2020
Public attention has shifted away from climate change as the coronavirus pandemic has spread. Nevertheless, mitigating climate change and making sure that the growing global population has access to climate-friendly energy remain among the key challenges of this century. These issues will still be on the agenda when the pandemic is over. It is therefore an encouraging sign that many policymakers and corporates have said they will not only take into account, but pay more attention to climate protection when re-opening the economy. The heated discussion about which instruments are best suited to ensure climate protection will continue for years to come, though. [mehr]
13. Mai 2020
After shrugging off a historic plunge in April employment, market participants will likely need to digest further record-setting monthly declines in core CPI inflation as well as April retail sales and industrial production. However, with financial markets seemingly numb to the bad data news, Fed Chair Powell's appearance on Wednesday may overshadow what is likely to be epic weakness in this week's economic data. [mehr]
22. April 2020
The economic slump is taking its toll on the banking industry. For the major US banks, profits in Q1 more than halved compared to the prior year, as loan loss reserves jumped. Revenues declined moderately with weakness in interest income and fees and commissions partly compensated for by a jump in trading income. Deposits, loans and other assets surged because clients hoarded liquidity. Banks’ capital ratios fell only somewhat and they remain well capitalised. Banks in Europe may have faced similar trends overall but will probably have benefited less from the supportive trading environment and suffered more from declining capital ratios. They are also handicapped by their much lower starting level in terms of profitability. [mehr]