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Video: Deutsche Bank’s Chief US Economist breaks down the FOMC meeting

28. Juli 2023
Please watch Deutsche Bank's Chief US Economist Matthew Luzzetti recap the FOMC meeting with spokesperson Claire Rodgers. [mehr]

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25. Oktober 2023
In the latest Podzept episode from Deutsche Bank Research, Matthew Barnard sat down with Matthew Luzzetti (Chief US Economist) and Matthew Raskin (Head of US Rates Research) to discuss key topics around the US economy, interest rates and the health of the consumer. More specifically, they talk through their baseline views for a first half 2024 recession, the outlook for rates, the changing slope of the yield curve, and more. [mehr]
24. Oktober 2023
Konnichwa! We spent most of our first week of October at this year’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Conference held in Tokyo, Japan (Oct 4-6th). This event is one of the leading global sustainability conferences as it attracts influential asset owners, leading asset managers, regulators and industry professionals. Our Top 8 takeaways below are based on insights from conference panels we attended and discussions with attendees. [mehr]
23. Oktober 2023
In den letzten Monaten haben sich die Argumente für eine weiche Landung in den USA mehr und mehr verdichtet, da die Inflation gesunken ist, ohne dass es zu großen Spannungen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt gekommen ist. Gleichzeitig wird die Weltwirtschaft nun von mehreren Gegenwinden getroffen, und das Umfeld ist fragil, da die Renditen für Staatsanleihen weltweit mehrjährige Höchststände erreicht haben. [mehr]
5. Oktober 2023
In a new ‘Q&A with’ our US economist Amy Yang speaks about her role, highlighting how economists analyse data and closely track the Fed’s communication to forecast economic conditions. Regarding the economy, she outlines the team’s anticipation of a mild recession in early 2024, even amidst an enhanced likelihood of a soft landing. [mehr]
29. September 2023
The past decade has challenged our understanding of money as payment alternatives and new forms of currency entered our everyday lives. Digital assets such as Bitcoin have captured the spotlight, but we believe it will be central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that will prevail. And yet, even as the transition to digital payments continues, cash does not face extinction. [mehr]