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Can AI save high-labour firms?

24. Mai 2023
Companies with a large number of employees have a big problem. Quite simply, they fail to extract as much value from each staff member as do low-staff firms. Indeed, labour-intense firms tend to have a lower market cap, thinner margins, and lower growth rates. AI may be the way forward. In this piece, we argue that AI will make workers more productive, particularly in high-staff firms. The reason is that the profitability of high-staff firms has the highest leverage to the performance of their labour force. AI will help upskill them and streamline repetitive and mundane tasks that are more prevalent in high-staff companies. [mehr]

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25. September 2023
Nachdem die EZB vorletzte Woche ihren Einlagenzinssatz noch einmal angehoben hat, scheint bei den großen Zentralbanken der Welt der Zinsgipfel erreicht zu sein. Fed, BoE und SNB ließen letzte Woche ihre Zinsen unverändert, obwohl die Märkte bei den letzteren beiden Erhöhungen erwartet hatten. Einzig bei der BoJ, die letzte Woche ihre Geldpolitik ebenfalls nicht änderte, könnte irgendwann doch noch ein Ende der negativen Zinsen und der Kontrolle der Zinsstrukturkurve auf die Tagesordnung kommen. [mehr]
20. September 2023
The word “recession” has been one of the most widely used in markets over the last 12 months. In their annual Long-Term Asset Return Study, Jim Reid, Henry Allen and Galina Pozdnyakova focus on understanding what history tells us about the frequency, depth and duration of recessions, along with what causes them using cycle data stretching back to 1700. The team also takes a look at their impact on asset prices, and the likely shape of them going forward. [mehr]
19. September 2023
The excitement around Artificial Intelligence that had been building since OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT at the end of last year cooled off slightly over the past couple of months. Investors, entrepreneurs and analysts went to the beach, the media focused on time-honoured summer themes including season stories, and students took time off from writing essays using chatbots. Adrian Cox highlight six themes you missed while you were at the beach. Visit our dedicated AI website for more www.dbresearch.com/ai [mehr]
18. September 2023
Die Zentralbanken stehen diese Woche klar im Fokus. Die Finanzmärkte sind dabei, den etwas überraschenden Zinsschritt der EZB vom letzten Donnerstag zu verdauen. Diese Woche werden die Federal Reserve Bank, die Bank of England und die Bank of Japan ihre Entscheidungen verkünden. Trotz der weiteren geldpolitischen Straffung dürfte die Inflation noch einige Zeit deutlich über dem 2%-Ziel der Zentralbanken liegen [mehr]
12. September 2023
Intriguing Market Insights from Luke Templeman, Olga Cotaga and Galina Pozdnyakova. Despite being closer to a Fed pause, many rate-sensitive assets are yet to recover. Investors are cautious, perhaps due to last year's rapid drops. But if history is any indicator, any post-pause rally could be swift.
In years like 2023, the latter part of the year tends to be good for equities. Hedge funds, trailing the S&P 500, may make moves to catch up.
In Europe, interdependencies with China are worth noting. Despite recent challenges, we remain optimistic about Chinese markets, with potential catalysts like improved corporate earnings and stimulus on the horizon.
A key concern remains with the lag effects of rate rises impacting the high-yield debt market. [mehr]
11. September 2023
Die EZB dürfte ihre Leitzinsen am Donnerstag unverändert lassen. Es wird aber interessant, wie „hawkish“ die Pressekonferenz ausfallen wird und insbesondere, wie die Inflations- und Konjunkturrisiken kommentiert werden. Im Vorfeld der am 20. September anstehenden Fed-Sitzung dürften unter anderem die August-Daten zu den US-Verbraucher- und Erzeugerpreisen erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit bekommen. Wir es um die chinesische Konjunktur steht, werden am Freitag die Meldungen zur Industrieproduktion und zu den Einzelhandelsumsätzen für den August näher beleuchten. [mehr]
7. September 2023
Anna Friedemann works in our #dbresearch team covering Central Eastern Europe Middle East & Africa (CEEMEA). Anna has a particular focus on local markets and FX with a current focus on Ukraine, Egypt and Romania.
In a new ‘Q&A with’, she explains what working as a CEEMEA strategist entails, which topics she thinks could be driving markets into year-end and which markets have come into focus. [mehr]
14. August 2023
US inflation ticked up slightly in July as widely expected, but the broad moderating trend since a year ago appears to still be in place. What does it mean for the Federal Reserve and hopes for a soft landing? For this and more, please check out our latest video with Deutsche Bank’s senior US economist Brett Ryan and Americas Communications head Brian Blackstone. [mehr]