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The Future of Payments: Series 2 - Part II. When digital currencies become mainstream

3. Februar 2021
A year ago, we stated that: − Cryptocurrencies would become more mainstream. Both Facebook and PayPal will be adding cryptocurrency capability to their wallets early 2021. − Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will be widely discussed. The Bahamas launched the first nationwide CBDC last October, and both Sweden and China launched pilots in early 2020. What do we see this year? Click here and find out [mehr]

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265 (31-42)
15. März 2021
Presenter: Annelisa Grigg, Director and Sustainability Advisor at Global Balance Ltd
Moderator: Idil Dagdelen, Research Sales & ESG Coordinator

This session highlighted how biodiversity loss will have a significant impact on society and business and fundamentally impact on the ability to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Reporting and disclosure standards for companies on biodiversity are lacking at the moment, but that is likely to change. While several biodiversity policies and legislation exist today, there are important international and regional frameworks currently under development. From the dbAccess ESG Conference March 2021. [mehr]
15. März 2021
Participants: Schroders, Union Investment, and Amundi Funds
Moderators: Debbie Jones, Global Head of ESG, Company Research & Tobias Fischer, Research Sales & ESG Coordinator

The session addressed how firms are integrating ESG into their investment strategies. Discussion topics included accountability to an ESG process, views on corporate disclosure & data collection, proprietary systems and ratings, alignment with UN SDGs and exclusionary processes. The discussion with Amundi addressed specific considerations and practices for an ESG Portfolio Manager having a special focus on ecology.
From the dbAccess ESG Conference March 2021.
15. März 2021
Participants: UN PRI/ European Chair of Sustainable Finance, Partner at Arabesque S-Ray
Moderator: Trisha Taneja, Head of ESG Advisory, Deutsche Bank

In this session, Nathan Fabian, Chair of the European Platform on Sustainable Finance and Dr. Todd Bridges, Global Head of Sustainable Investing & ESG Research at Arabesque S-Ray, discussed key regulatory topics impacting capital flow. The panel discussed the regulatory landscape in Europe and the US as it pertains to ESG, how upcoming regulations are impacting investors and issuers, and ultimately influencing capital flow and business strategy. From the dbAccess ESG Conference March 2021. [mehr]
15. März 2021
Participants: HP, Bloomberg, and Franklin Templeton
Moderator: Christiana Riley, Member of the Management Board, CEO Americas, Deutsche Bank

The focus of this panel was to help investors engage with corporates on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion. The group was expected to address what should be considered to represent a successful D&I effort along with discussion on what key issues need to be addressed by corporates today. From the dbAccess ESG Conference March 2021. [mehr]
3. März 2021
Jonathan Jayarajan, Deputy Head of EMEA Equity Research, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank speaks with Jörg Eigendorf, Global Head of Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, where he provides an overview of how Deutsche Bank is progressing towards aims of becoming a leader in sustainability in the finance industry. Jorg covers insights on approach, obstacles, and milestones so far. [mehr]
15. Februar 2021
Wenn es um eine klimaverträgliche Energieversorgung geht, gilt grüner Wasserstoff als Hoffnungsträger. Eric Heymann erklärt, wie weit Forschung und Entwicklung inzwischen vorangekommen sind, wo grüner Wasserstoff überall zum Einsatz kommen könnte und welche Hürden es noch zu überwinden gilt. [mehr]
1. Februar 2021
Detroit lässt grüßen. In der neuesten Ausgabe von Podzept erklärt Eric Heymann, wie sein Warnruf zu verstehen ist. Die Umstellung auf E-Mobilität führt bei den Herstellern zunächst zu höheren Kosten. Diese können auch dadurch abgesenkt werden, dass Teile der Wertschöpfungskette ins Ausland verlagert werden. Das geschieht nicht von heute auf morgen, sondern erfolgt über Jahre. Der Prozess hat aber schon eingesetzt. Neben staatlicher Regulierung machten auch Marktentwicklungen und demografische Entwicklungen den Herstellern das Leben schwer. [mehr]
1. Februar 2021
Der globale Konjunkturoptimismus, der sich durch die schnelle Entwicklung von hochgradig wirksamen Impfstoffen und nicht zuletzt durch die Erwartungen eines massiven Fiskalstimulus in den USA Bahn gebrochen hatte, erlitt zuletzt einen herben Dämpfer. Schleppende Impfstarts mit Lieferproblemen in Europa, verlängerte und verschärfte Lockdowns aufgrund der Sorge über noch ansteckendere Mutationen des Coronavirus haben hier die Stimmung der Unternehmen und Konsumenten gedrückt und den Höhenflug an den Aktienmärkten zunächst einmal beendet. [mehr]
26. Januar 2021
Nigel Wilson, CEO, Legal & General and Jim discuss how the future is in our own hands and that there are huge opportunities out there in new technologies and strategic investments that can overcome many of the secular negative forces we are all familiar with (debt, demographics, low productivity etc.). However Nigel believes we need to shed our old fashion attitude to the type of assets we invest long-term money into and urges Governments to provide the infrastructure and regulatory regime to make the future as bright as he thinks it can be. [mehr]