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Video: UK Economic Outlook

January 25, 2022
In this short video, Sanjay Raja takes a brief look at the UK economic outlook for 2022, and why this year will be different, from growth, to inflation, and labour markets. [more]

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83 (23-34)
July 7, 2022
The quant team's 'Academic Insights' report discusses the most relevant, recently published academic papers on various topics related to quantitative investing as sourced by Deutsche Bank Research analysts. The latest edition, which features over 70 studies and podcasts, includes climate research, digital assets, intangibles, inflation, tail risk hedging and diversification. Watch this latest video with Caio Natividade to find out what stands out. [more]
April 25, 2022
From Meal kits to Food Delivery, Online Cars to Online Fashion, Real Estate Classifieds to Travel Marketplaces, Deutsche Bank Research differentiates their work with the use of primary research to give further weight to recommendations. Watch video for more. [more]