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The changing shape of liquidity

January 20, 2015
Liquidity is profoundly important to markets and economies. Whether in oil, volatility or corporate bonds it has been changing significantly as the crisis plays out. Four of the features in this issue of Konzept tackle the myths, mysteries, realities and implications of the changing shape of liquidity for investors, for regulators and for issuers. [more]

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18 (13-18)
November 25, 2014
It is fashionable to say Germany is heading down the path of post-bubble Japan. But what if the Japan to worry about is not the deflationary 1990s but the previous decade when golf club memberships swapped hands for millions of dollars? And just as there is a risk investors fail to apply the lessons of a rising sun to Germany, there is a danger that Japan’s post-bubble era is ignored by China and South Korea. [more]