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EM Currency and Local Markets Handbook

Perry Kojodjojo

Oliver Harvey

In this episode
Perry Kojodjojo and Oliver Harvey from Deutsche Bank Emerging Market Research discuss the recently published EM Currency and Local Markets Handbook. The new and revitalised handbook covers over 30 local EM markets in detail, covering liquidity, market structure and regulations in FX, local bonds and IRS, as well as targeted descriptions of monetary policy and market participants. The Handbook is designed to be an essential tool for institutional and corporate clients in navigating an increasingly complex and fragmented EM regulatory and macro environment, with new sections on unconventional monetary policy by EM central banks, new markets such as Kenya and Pakistan and a discussion of the evolving EM market landscape.

EM Currency and Local Markets Handbook
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What we discuss 
  • What is it about?
  • What purpose does it serve for clients?
  • Why is it being updated?
  • What are some of the general observations of the main differences between the regulatory macro and market structure in EM vs early 2020?
  • What are the key themes from a regulatory and market structure perspective coming up over the coming years?

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