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This is an excerpt of the main House View publication Markets after the recent sell-off, published on October 16, 2018.

Markets after the recent sell-off

This edition reviews recent market moves and outlines Deutsche Bank Research's key views moving forward. Read on for our recap of the global macro outlook, key ongoing/upcoming political developments (Brexit, Italy, US mid-term, etc.) and major risks in the rest of 2018. Find also our views on US macro and the Fed, the eurozone and the ECB, and China’s macro outlook and risks.

The House View Snapshot provides a summary of Deutsche Bank Research's views on global macro, monetary policy and markets, as well as some of the key themes driving them. In just two pages.

Snapshot does not replace the main The House View publication. Think of it rather as a "cheat sheet" of Deutsche Bank Research's main views‎.

Click here for the October edition of The House View: Markets after the recent sell-off
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