1. Research

AI & The Five Ws: Why, What, Who, When, Where?

Marion Laboure

Cassidy Ainsworth-Grace

Adrian Cox

In this episode
Artificial intelligence is beginning to permeate our lives, but the technology and opportunities likely remain a mystery to many. In this podcast, Dr Marion Laboure, Adrian Cox and Cassidy Ainsworth-Grace look at today’s artificial intelligence landscape, its rapid growth and the new capabilities of ChatGPT and its competitors.

AI & The Five Ws: Why, What, Who, When, Where?
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What we discuss 
  • How has interest in AI changed over time, both in research and for the everyday person?
  • What is it in particular about ChatGPT that has caught people’s imagination
  • Where did AI as we know it today first begin
  • What are the different categories of AI and how do they differ?
  • Limited memory and theory of mind, within these two categories which area is the one to watch?
  • Where does ChatGPT fit into all this and what can and can’t it do?


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