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Outlook for Fed Policy and the US Yield Curve

Matthew Raskin

Matthew Luzzetti

In this episode
In recent weeks, markets have been very volatile as they digest announcements from global policymakers and central bank responses to persistently elevated inflation. In the latest episode of Podzept, Matthew Luzzetti, Chief US Economist, and Matthew Raskin, Head of US Rates Research, discuss their views on the outlook for Fed policy and the US yield curve.

Outlook for Fed Policy and the US Yield Curve
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What we discuss 
  • What is the most likely path for the Fed, and how are the risks skewed around that path?
  • How might changes in the neutral policy rate (r-star), state and local government stimulus, and financial market volatility factor into the Fed policy outlook?
  • Have we seen the peak 10-year yield this year, and will the yield curve invert further?
  • What else is top of mind in US rates markets?