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Politik, Macht und Populismus

26. Februar 2019
Viele Investoren geben sich unpolitisch. Die jüngsten Marktturbulenzen haben jedoch einmal mehr gezeigt, wie sehr die Politik die Geschäfts- und Finanzwelt beeinflusst. Diese Ausgabe von Konzept enthält pointierte Analysen einiger drängender politischer Themen. Unter anderem werden der Handelskrieg zwischen China und den USA, die Präsidentschaftswahlen in den USA im kommenden Jahr, der Populismus in Europa, die Regulierung von Technologie und der Brexit behandelt. Wir untersuchen außerdem, wie die neusten Entwicklungen im Bereich der künstlichen Intelligenz und des maschinellen Lernens Investoren helfen, die Auswirkungen politischer Ereignisse auf die Märkte zu antizipieren. [mehr]

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22. Juli 2019
The antennae and boxes, about the size of a handbag, have become more visible in New York over the last few years. They sit atop street lights, buildings, and other convenient locations. They are part of the ShotSpotter system and they listen for gunshots. When a shot is fired, the sensors can triangulate its location to within 25 metres. It then immediately sends an audio file to a support team. A review takes place using both machine learning and human input to determine if the sound was a real gunshot or something else that sounds similar, such as a firework. If determined to be real, the police are notified. They can then arrive at the location already knowing how many shots were fired and whether the shooter is moving. Luke Templeman, Analyst on the Thematic Research team, explores what it would be like living in a ‘Smart City’. [mehr]
10. Juli 2019
The global 5G rollout has just begun, but behind the hype lies uncertainty and the potential for unintended consequences. This edition of Konzept seeks to answer many unresolved questions. First and foremost, we explain the tangible ways in which 5G will affect you, including the smartphone impact, the future of television, predictive maintenance, autonomous cars, smart cities and more. We also examine the geo-political disagreements, emerging market economics, and argue that the financial cost of distraction is greater than expected. [mehr]
10. Juli 2019
If we are to believe the prognostications about its future impact, 5G certainly occupies a crucial geopolitical dimension. The ability to control the Internet of Things via vastly reduced latency and higher speed is a serious weapon in the hands of an adversary. Peter Garber, Global Strategist, outlines three possible main objectives of the Trump administration. [mehr]
25. Juni 2019
For the first time ever the Fed is undertaking a thorough academic review of its policy strategy, tools, and communication practices. The reviewers are some 30 academic experts on monetary policy and macroeconomics. Listen to Peter Hooper, Global Head of Economic Research, discussing the background to the review, the low-rate monetary policy and what a downturn could mean for financial stability. [mehr]
1. Mai 2019
The Indian consumer sector has been a stock market darling, outperforming the Sensex by over 25 percentage points over the last two years. What are the megatrends to drive growth in the next five years? Listen to Mihir Shah, Analyst on the Consumer Staples team in India, discuss his findings. [mehr]
12. März 2019
The performance of the Eurozone economy is inextricably linked to the health of its banking system. That means the economy will likely stagnate unless European banks can build robust balance sheets, earn a competitive return on equity, and generate adequate capital to support faster growth and innovation. European policymakers must make bold decisions as there are serious doubts as to whether the continent’s banks can compete internationally with US institutions. This paper takes a careful look at the European banking system and suggests a number of remedies to improve the sustainability of its returns for the good of the economy and taxpayers. [mehr]
25. Februar 2019
Wie werden wir in den kommenden Jahren Musik konsumieren? Wie wird sich das Streaming weltweit entwickeln? Und wie werden sich die großen Musiklabels entwickeln? Hören Sie das Gespräch zwischen Laurie Davison, Medienanalyst Europa, Han Joon Kim, Internetanalyst in Asien, und Lloyd Walmsley, US-Internetanalyst, über die nächste Entwicklungsstufe des Streaming. [mehr]