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Juliana Lee

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18. September 2018
In den Schwellenländern dominieren nach wie vor landesspezifische Risiken, allerdings steigt die Gefahr, dass sich die Krise ausweitet. Aus unserer Sicht ist – wie wir bereits in der Vergangenheit ausgeführt haben – die Performance der Schwellenländer zu zwei Dritteln bis drei Vierteln externen Faktoren geschuldet. Dies gilt vor allem für die Kreditmärkte. Mit der Verschlechterung dieser Faktoren trennt sich die Spreu vom Weizen. Vor allem einige große Volkswirtschaften wurden in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Sie zeigen sich bisher am stressanfälligsten. [mehr]
10. Mai 2018
Emerging Markets and the Global Economy in the Month Ahead: The source of the recent correction is benign: a repricing of US growth with the EU still poised to grow above potential. With few exceptions (such as Turkey and Argentina) EM inflation remains mostly near or below targets so that forex (FX) weakness is unlikely to trigger meaningful CB responses that could disrupt EM growth – which has yet to catch up with DM. However, USD strength poses a more binding and direct risk of tighter credit conditions for EM than US yields. Still, we would need to see EUR/USD closer to 1.05 for credit conditions to bind. [mehr]
10. Mai 2018
The Panmunjom Declaration by the two Koreas reiterates their earlier calls not only for a permanent peace and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but also for economic cooperation as set forth in the 2007 Declaration. The latter identifies various infrastructure projects that would see South Korea integrated into the Eurasian continent through North Korea. These could result in significant cuts to South Korea's transportation and fuel costs. Moreover, broader economic cooperation between the two Koreas would give South Korea access not only to North Korea's cheap, literate, and highly organized labor but also its vast natural resources. Although the Panmunjom Declaration also calls for disarmament of the two Koreas, any significant progress in this area, as well as in broader economic cooperation, depends on a potential US-NK nuclear deal. Given past experience, the negotiation and implementation of a US-NK agreement is likely to take many months at least. In this report, we discuss potential benefits that South Korea could enjoy from economic cooperation with North Korea. [mehr]